Jeff Yock - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar

Jeff Yock is a lovable garage mechanic. He comes from an undetermined Eastern European nation and speaks a language with gibberish-sounding phrases like "yabba ibby dibby dabba." Jeff reports to cab dispatcher Louie DePalma who always gives him a hard time.

Growing up, Jeff wished to be "an American fun guy taking each day in high gear." So, to obtain his wish, he gathered up copies of Playboy and a tape of a smooth-talking FM DJ and left his home country "to alter my lifestyle to fit the fast lane." Jeff's intensive study into the world of the swinger forced a personality transformation in the form of an alter ego called Vic Ferrari, a suave, ingratiating womanizer who speaks English without any hint of a foreign accent.

Wait, no. That's Latka from Taxi.

Jeff plays guitar and sings. If you're lucky, you may find him soloing in your face. Really.

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Way Back Returns to Covina!

American Legion Covina, 20516 E Arrow Hwy, Covina, CA

After a protracted hiatus, please join the Way Back Machine as we rock out for the first time in 2019! Can't wait to see you there!

It's Called Palms, People

The Irish Times Pub & Restaurant, 3267 Motor Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

The Way Back Machine Returns To Irish Times!

The Irish Times Pub & Restaurant, 3267 Motor Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

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