Jeff Yock


Jeff Yock - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar

Jeff Yock is a lovable garage mechanic. He comes from an undetermined Eastern European nation and speaks a language with gibberish-sounding phrases like "yabba ibby dibby dabba." Jeff reports to cab dispatcher Louie DePalma who always gives him a hard time.

Growing up, Jeff wished to be "an American fun guy taking each day in high gear." So, to obtain his wish, he gathered up copies of Playboy and a tape of a smooth-talking FM DJ and left his home country "to alter my lifestyle to fit the fast lane." Jeff's intensive study into the world of the swinger forced a personality transformation in the form of an alter ego called Vic Ferrari, a suave, ingratiating womanizer who speaks English without any hint of a foreign accent.

Wait, no. That's Latka from Taxi.

Jeff plays guitar and sings. If you're lucky, you may find him soloing in your face. Really.