Adam Kraemer - Keyboard, Guitar

Adam has been playing in cover bands ever since his 9th grade band, No Apparent Reason, played the worst version of "Love Stinks" anyone has ever heard, including the two girls from their class who had come over mistakenly thinking they were attending a pool party.

Skip way too many years ahead, and Adam has since gigged throughout New England, including Boston, MA and Newport, RI. Until relocating to the West Coast, he was involved in the New York City music scene, adding his talents to such bands as Coppersonic, Atom Strange, and the Bombardiers, whose monthly F*Bomb tribute shows at Arlene's Grocery involved some of the best musicians in the NYC rock and metal scene.

Heading west, largely because he got tired of winter, Adam quickly located his area's local watering holes, which was fortuitous because it was at one of them that he met the members of The Way Back Machine and innocently asked, "So, do you guys need a keyboard player?" And the rest, as they say, is history.